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Top New Zealand Energy Executive Chris Jewell joins Lodestone Team

Top New Zealand Energy Executive Chris Jewell joins Lodestone Team

Lodestone Energy Managing Director Gary Holden is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Jewell to the senior management team as its Chief Financial Officer

“Chris has had a long and distinguished career in energy and is considered one of the prime movers in the New Zealand electricity market.  The Board and shareholders welcome Chris to the team.   Lodestone is now well positioned to move forward to the next stage of the company’s developments,” Mr Holden says.

Chris joins recently added board members Joanna Perry and Susan Paterson to continue the build-up of deep industry expertise to the company.

Chris’ role as Co-Chair of the “Low Carbon Aotearoa – a 2050 Energy Strategy” will be complementary to his new role, as Lodestone will ultimately play a major role in delivering on the country’s vision expressed by The Aotearoa Circle. 

Earlier this year, Lodestone announced plans to complete an initial $300 million capital program comprised of five solar farms in the North Island.  

Mr Holden added: “From his early power development roles, to the many years running energy trading and plant operations, Chris has built his career by advancing technology, progressing the industry and growing shareholder value.  We are looking forward to Chris’ contributions.”

“I am excited to be joining a company that is well resourced, with a strategy that is good for the New Zealand energy market.  The ability to help build something new, from the ground up, was a key part of my decision to join Lodestone,” Mr Jewell said.

His recent role as Chief Financial Officer at Genesis included playing a key role in strategic planning.  His ability to manage risk, raise capital and manage the full range of financial aspects of an energy business will be an important addition to Lodestone’s team.

“I am proud of the contributions I’ve made at Genesis and feel I am leaving them well-positioned to play a big role in the energy transition we are about to undertake in this country.  They are a great organisation and will no doubt continue to do great things.  I look forward to seeing both organisations contribute to the tremendous challenge ahead,” Mr Jewell said.

Mr Jewell will join Lodestone as the initial developments move to the financial closing and construction phases later this year. 

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