Lodestone Energy

The future of
energy generation:
bringing large-scale solar to Aotearoa New Zealand

Harnessing the sun’s energy to power New Zealand’s zero carbon future.

Our first five solar farms will generate enough energy to power 50,000 homes, or a city the size of Hamilton.

The largest solar project Aotearoa’s ever seen, delivered by Lodestone Energy. Giving Kiwis an alternative power option and playing a key role in meeting our zero carbon goals.




Why Lodestone?

360,000 solar panels on 350 hectares of land, and that’s just the beginning. These farms will feed into the power grid and then into thousands of homes and businesses across Aotearoa.

Our kaupapa is to be dedicated partners and collaborators with community and stakeholder groups to deliver solar projects that both power the way Kiwis live and empower the regions we operate in.

Kaitāia Dargaville Waiotahe Edgecumbe Whitianga

Our Solar Farms

We’re taking New Zealand’s solar production to a new scale, reliably and efficiently feeding electricity into local networks and the national grid.

Better yet, our design allows machinery to operate and livestock to exist happily around the solar arrays, meaning agriculture and grazing can continue.

Investing in the future

To get involved in clean renewable energy