Lodestone Energy

Transforming New Zealand’s Electricity Sector with the Power of the Sun

Lodestone Energy is leading the development of New Zealand’s largest ever solar project.

This transformative project will see utility-solar farms constructed in five locations across Northland, the Coromandel and the Bay of Plenty. More than half a million solar panels will be placed over 500 hectares of land.

Combined, the farms will act as one giant power station, feeding electricity into local networks and complementing New Zealand’s hydro, geothermal and wind resources.

Each solar farm will incorporate world-leading bi-facial modules and single axis tracking technology. This will see the panels rotate and track the sun as it travels across the sky. Electricity will be produced from both sides of the panel, allowing the capture of energy from reflected sunlight from the ground.

The farms will deliver approximately 400 GWh of valuable daytime, renewable energy to the New Zealand market, enough to power 50,000 New Zealand homes – or a city the size of Hamilton.

In addition to producing electricity, the farms will continue to support agriculture and horticulture production. The panels will be high enough, and spaced sufficiently, to allow farming and cropping to continue underneath.

Construction of our first five solar farms will commence in the middle of 2022, with the first energy delivered in 2023.

400 GWh
Renewable Energy

The farms will deliver approximately 400 GWh of valuable daytime renewable energy to the New Zealand market.

Power for Homes

Our farms will generate enough power for 50,000 New Zealand homes – or a city the size of Hamilton.

Emissions released

Solar farms use no water, create no pollution, make virtually no noise and release zero emissions.

Lodestone Two

The first solar farm, Lodestone Two near Kaitaia, is expected to be operational in Q3 2023.


Why Solar Energy?

New Zealand is facing increasing demand for daytime, renewable electricity as the economy continues to grow and electrify. +

Solar Farms

Solar farms capture the valuable natural energy from the sun and feed it into the power grid for Kiwi’s to use while they are hard at work. +

About Us

Lodestone Farms was founded to help the national effort to decarbonise New Zealand’s energy sector. +

Lodestone’s five solar farms are located in New Zealand’s sunbelt – stretching from the Far North to the Eastern Bay of Plenty – and will provide local homes and businesses with valuable daytime electricity.

Lodestone One
Lodestone One

Location: Dargaville
Size: 120 GWh
Panels: Up to 125,000

Lodestone Two
Lodestone Two

Location: Kaitaia
Size: 62 GWh
Panels: Up to 80,000

Lodestone Three
Lodestone Three

Location: Waiotahe
Size: 85 GWh
Panels: Up to 115,000

Lodestone Four
Lodestone Four

Location: Edgecumbe
Size: 52 GWh
Panels: Up to 70,000

Lodestone Five
Lodestone Five

Location: Whitianga
Size: 54 GWh
Panels: Up to 80,000