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Lodestone Energy announces new Chair of the Board of Directors

Lodestone Energy announces new Chair of the Board of Directors

Lodestone Energy is pleased to announce the appointment of Jack Matthews as Chair of the Board of Directors. 

Effective immediately, Jack joins board members Guy Haddleton, Joanna Perry, Susan Paterson and Gary Holden, and brings added strength and a diverse skillset to the board.  Sam Morgan, a significant Lodestone shareholder and advisor to the Board, rounds out the governance team for the company.

Jack is currently a Director at Chorus New Zealand Limited, Plexure and the New Zealand Golf Network Ltd.

Lodestone Managing Director, Gary Holden says, “Jack is a seasoned director with many years of participating and leading company boards.  He has been a leader in Australia and New Zealand business for more than 30 years.  He has a wide variety of business experiences and his perspective will be a great addition to the energy expertise we already have on the Board.”

Jack’s previous board roles include Chair of Mediaworks NZ, Director of Network for Learning, Director of Crown Fibre Holdings, Director of APN Outdoor and Director of Trilogy Natural Products.

As a Chief Executive, Jack led Fairfax Digital then Fairfax Metro Media in Australia and Jupiter TV in Japan.   Jack was the key person in the early days of New Zealand cable television at Saturn Communications in 1995. 

Jack said, “I’m excited to get involved in a business that I am passionate about and very pleased to join this talented board.  The company’s vision and leading market position out of the gate, as well as the combination of being well-funded by private capital and operated by top-level management were a big attraction to me.”

Holden says: “Our ambitious plan needs talented people at all levels of the Company.  We’re building a great Board, putting together an excellent management team and we will be ready when our projects get going in a few months’ time.”  The company has announced that five solar farms will be operational by 2024.

Earlier this month, Lodestone announced that former Genesis CFO, Chris Jewell will be joining the company as its Chief Financial Officer and will join Gary Holden and the management team later this year.  

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