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Kaitaia Solar Farm, Far North

Located in the Far North near Kaitaia, Kohirā is Aotearoa’s first utility-scale solar farm to supply the national grid. Constructed in 2023, Lodestone’s Kohirā solar farm with with 33 MW capacity is now operational.

The agri-voltaic project brought together local iwi, communities, construction partners, and Lodestone’s team to deliver renewable energy by harnessing the power of the sun, continuing to enable agricultural use of the land, and planting seven hectares to create a new native forest.

Kohirā is just the start of Lodestone’s energy generation future.

Key facts about the Kohirā Farm

Started generating in 2023

Producing 56 GWh energy annually

More than 60,000 solar panels

Seven hectares of native reforestation

Kohirā in the news

Kohirā solar farm from above

Bi-facial panels track the sun’s movements

Panels are raised more than two metres from the ground, enabling machinery and livestock ease of use

Celebration of the plant commissioning in February 2023

Kohirā origin story

Investing in the future

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