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The Bay of Plenty’s Edgecumbe is home to our second utility-scale solar farm. Construction is underway and the farm will be generating in early 2024.

Our Edgecumbe site was scouted and subsequently chosen as a priority location because of its high sunshine hours, reliable transmission interconnection and proximity to local industrial loads.

The farm will generate enough electricity to power 7,500 Kiwi homes each year.

Key facts about Edgecumbe Farm

Generating in early 2024

Producing 54 GWh energy annually

Operating more than 60,000 panels

Powering 7,500 local homes

Edgecumbe solar farm from above

Edgecumbe will be complete in early 2024

Edgecumbe was chosen due to its high sunlight hours

Construction brings together local iwi, communities and construction partners

Investing in the future

To get involved in clean renewable energy